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“Mysterious” doesn’t even begin to describe these bizarre cases

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If you consider yourself a true crime lover, you’re probably familiar with the thrill that comes with solved true crime cases. Whenever a horrendous murder occurs, we armchair detectives find ourselves diving into every aspect of the crime, and, as proven puzzle lovers, we want to find answers.

That being said, sometimes cases go unsolved. Experts estimate, based on UCR data, that our nation currently has 250,000 unsolved murders and this number is thought to increase by about 6,000 cases per year. …

“Writing great content is a choice”

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For the last month or so, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to come up with ideas for Medium stories. Like, outrageously hard. I’ve been wracking my brain, spending an hour at a time sitting on the couch with my trusty notebook in hand, waiting for ideas to start pouring into my brain from the figurative basin of inspiration. And nothing came. Well, I guess I should admit that there were ideas but, well, none of them felt good enough.

Today, I had a session with my therapist in which I told her about my success in finally cranking out a new blog post after weeks of being unable to rise to the occasion. We discussed how just forcing myself to sit down, pick an idea, and run with it ultimately led to my success in producing new content. I was so proud. Whether or not the story would do as well as the content I’d produced in the past didn’t matter- I was simply happy that I’d produced something after such a drought. …

Why are we so addicted to the darker side of life?

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I’ve been addicted to true-crime from an early age. When I was around 12 years old, I remember gleefully sitting down with my family on weeknights to enjoy the latest episode of Forensic Files and 48 Hours. As I grew older, my love for true-crime only grew along with me. Soon, I was consuming one true-crime book after the other, spending my free time reading massively popular classics such as The Stranger Beside Me, Helter Skelter, and Mindhunter. I was widely known as the girl with “an unhealthy true-crime obsession” amongst friends.

When I reached my twenties, true crime podcasts became my latest vice. I listened to podcasts like My Favorite Murder and Morbid on a daily basis, quickly running through one episode after the other and always being just as excited for the next story as I was the last. I was always excited to find an episode detailing a true-crime case that I had never heard of because, after my years of obsessing over this type of thing, there were becoming fewer and fewer cases that I had never at least heard of. …

And it won’t be the first time, either

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When many of us picture the arrival of aliens on our planet, an image of a giant flying saucer with a diameter so wide it blocks out the sun tends to come to our minds. This doomsday scenario calls to mind images from blockbuster movies depicting alien contact as a malevolent force, something like is found in Independence Day or War of the Worlds. According to a Harvard professor, however, the first signs of intelligent life to visit us from outer space won’t resemble these popular images. Rather, we may just come across an alien civilization’s discarded garbage. …

Self-sabotaging behavior has kept me from living, and I plan to break free

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“I am in prison.

But instead of bricks and bars, my prison is made from thoughts, habits and fears. For a short while each morning, I’m allowed out of my cell to enjoy a little freedom, to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. This never lasts very long, but I live for these little daily escapes, even though I’m fully aware of the fact that, when I go back to my cell, it will be even darker and lonelier than I remember.”- How Depression Keeps Me a Prisoner in My Mind, The

Lately, I’ve found myself in somewhat of a rut. Maybe that’s putting it lightly. I guess a better way of putting it, truthfully, would be to say that I’ve been trying to crawl my way out of an absolute pit of despair. …

Sometimes you just don’t know and that’s okay

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Tomorrow, I have my weekly appointment with my therapist. Lately, as I’ve sat behind my laptop and signed in to our weekly Zoom meeting, the same sense of anxiety tends to well up inside of me. I always know what the first question to leave her mouth will be: “So how have you been doing?”.

Frankly, I just don’t know.

As someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I’m well-acquainted with my periodic shift in moods. Typically, in the mornings, I rise filled with hope that the day ahead will be better than the last. Thank God for that, too. If I didn’t wake up feeling this way lately, I might not make it out of bed. By roughly 11 a.m., though, this feeling has left me. I start to feel disconnected and lonely, isolated from anything meaningful. …

Faking orgasms is a feminist issue

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From the time I became sexually active, I felt the need to fake orgasms. I still remember the first time my ex-girlfriend slipped her hand down my pants and I instinctively faked an orgasm within roughly 60 seconds. Apparently, I was under the impression that if it took any longer than that, there was something wrong with me.

What a joke.

I just did what I’d seen in every porn video I’d ever watched. I gripped the sheets, moaned, rolled my eyes back in my head, and tensed up. She sat up in bed, proud. “Did you like that?”, she asked with a sly smile on her face. …

It’s been a week full of epiphanies and it’s starting to pay off

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When I first started writing on Medium, I was looking for a hobby. Ever since I was a little girl, writing has been a passion of mine. There was something beautiful and freeing about pouring my thoughts out onto a blank page, watching a story unravel before my eyes.

There were very few things that made my heart feel full the way writing did. Best of all, I was constantly receiving praise from teachers, parents, and classmates. For someone who has always been insecure, these compliments fostered my love for writing even more. To this day, people I went to high school with still ask me if I’m writing, urging me not to quit. …

On average, 90,000 people are missing in the United States at any given time

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Recently, in preparation to be interviewed on a podcast surrounding the topic of the isolated staircases that have been popping up in national forests around the world, I decided to do a little more research on strange occurrences in the woods. In doing so, I came across David Paulides, a former police detective who is now a researcher and writer known primarily for his self-published books surrounding the mysterious disappearances of people in national parks and elsewhere. This led me down a bit of a rabbit-hole that I’m delighted to have explored.

In his book series, Missing 411, Paulides attributes mysterious and unspecified causes to these disappearances. According to Paulides, he began researching the topic when he was doing research in a national park and came across an off-duty park ranger who expressed concern surrounding the questionable nature of some of the missing person cases which occurred in the parks. …

The person you will be is so proud of the person you are

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As human beings, we have a tendency to be extremely hard on ourselves. To make matters even worse, we also have a tendency to live in one of two places continuously: the past or the future. The present just doesn’t seem to hold our attention in the same way. If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly thinking things like, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Did I make the right decision?” and “Am I going to regret this?”. …

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