A story of addiction and the father I lost

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We all have our pet peeves, things that irritate us to a point of near madness. Maybe you can’t stand it when someone talks with food in their mouth. Perhaps you feel your rage rising to the surface when you’re being micro-managed. …

Don’t let these myths keep you from smashing success

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When I made the decision to dive into freelancing, I was burdened with worry. …

What makes life worth living even on the worst days

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For the last month, I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal. My therapist recommended it to me and, although I was reluctant to make it a daily habit (forming daily habits has never been my strong suit as someone with ADHD), I decided to give it my all.

While I’ve…

Oh my goodness! I'd love to hear more about your experience if you are interested in sharing.

Thank you so much for your comment, Carol. You're so right. I've often thought of dogs as little Zen masters that can honestly teach us so much about the "right" way to live and Jersey always taught me that- especially so now that she is gone. Thank you for taking the time to read this post which I've dedicated to my furry friend. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked it!

Man’s best friend believes in you

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My dog, Jersey, was the love of my life.

The moment I laid my eyes on her at the ASPCA, she had my heart. She started barking excitedly the moment she saw me and there was so much love in her eyes. …

Science-backed reasons to form a routine and simplify your life

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As someone diagnosed with ADHD (combined type) in my early twenties, I have always struggled with keeping a routine. It always seemed so much easier to just fly by the seat of my pants and take each day one by one, never constraining myself to a schedule. As I’ve learned…

“Mysterious” doesn’t even begin to describe these bizarre cases

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If you consider yourself a true crime lover, you’re probably familiar with the thrill that comes with solved true crime cases. Whenever a horrendous murder occurs, we armchair detectives find ourselves diving into every aspect of the crime, and, as proven puzzle lovers, we want to find answers.

That being…

“Writing great content is a choice”

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For the last month or so, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to come up with ideas for Medium stories. Like, outrageously hard. I’ve been wracking my brain, spending an hour at a time sitting on the couch with my trusty notebook in hand, waiting for ideas to start pouring into…

Why are we so addicted to the darker side of life?

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I’ve been addicted to true-crime from an early age. When I was around 12 years old, I remember gleefully sitting down with my family on weeknights to enjoy the latest episode of Forensic Files and 48 Hours. As I grew older, my love for true-crime only grew along with me…

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