When the urge to create feels more “force” than “flow”

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I’ve spent the last 20 minutes of my work-day accepting LinkedIn connection requests when I should have spent it writing. I’ve always wanted to make a full-time career out of writing and ever since I was a small child, that’s what I’ve felt called to do with my life. As I worked day after day of my life away at a job that didn’t make me feel inspired or especially encouraged about my own talents, I craved the freedom that becoming a full-time writer would allow me.

Put simply, I just wanted to feel passionate about what I was doing with my life. As I sat at my 9–5 job in a crowded medical office without windows, I found myself yearning for the light. Soon, I decided to take the leap. I told myself it was now or never. If I wanted to feel content and fulfilled in life, I had to take a risk. …


Renee Rose

Freelance Writer. Blogger. UFO enthusiast and lover of space. Email me at: reneerosefreelancing@gmail.com

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