Hello Heidi!

I just finished reading this piece and found the stories from the letters you shared really interesting.

I run a new Medium publication called Inside the Simulation where we analyze and discuss a number of bizarre topics ranging from the paranormal to the otherwise unexplained.

I'm looking for new writers for the publication and thought I'd reach out to you in order to see if you'd be interested in submitting any of your writing.

I'm going to add you on as a writer just in case you're interested. If you happen to write anything that you'd be interested in sharing, simply click "Add to Publication" and select Inside the Simulation. I'd be happy to take a look at anything you'd like to submit!

You can check out my publication here: https://medium.com/inside-the-simulation

Thanks and have a great day,


Editor of Inside the Simulation

Freelance Writer. Blogger. UFO enthusiast and lover of space. Email me at: reneerosefreelancing@gmail.com

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