How to Master the Art of the Cold Pitch

The Secret to Landing Your First Great Freelancing Gig

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What is Cold Pitching?

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Step 1: Know Who You’re Pitching To

The question that I received from a fellow Medium member regarding cold pitching was about the right way to identify clients to cold pitch to. I thought this was a great question. So great, in fact, that this is where we’ll be starting in creating the perfect cold pitch.

  • Who should you contact?

Where to Look For Clients

Starting with the first question, you must develop a strategy for finding potential clients. This can vary from one freelancer to the next, depending on what kind of work you perform and where you are located. I tend to focus on local small businesses when cold pitching. As a freelance copywriter and blog manager, I find that I am the most successful in winning over clients in my area due to convenience, trust factor, and ease of conducting business.

Who Should You Contact?

If you are finding potential clients through means of a freelancing platform or job board site, figuring out who to contact with your cold pitch should be simple enough. If you are reaching out to local businesses in your area after looking at their websites, however, figuring out who to contact can get a bit more complicated.

Step 2: Write an Email Subject Line That Sells

Your best method of standing out from the pack when cold pitching is to create an email subject line that demands interest. While many freelancers devote all of their energy to the actual contents of their cold pitch email, your email will never even be opened without a winning subject line.

  • What does this company care about?
  • What does this company need?

Step 3: Get Personal While Staying Professional

While I highly recommend the use of email templates when crafting your own cold pitches, it is crucial that you don’t fall into the comfort of copy and pasting and sending the same email to everyone. The contents of each cold pitch email must be personalized to each client. Yes, this is a lot of hard work, but it pays off when you win a client.

Step 4: Provide Social Proof

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients for a moment. When you receive an email from someone you don’t know, what do you do? You probably disregard it. Even if you do open it, do you read long enough to understand what they’re communicating to you? As a busy freelancer, you don’t have much time on your hands. Unless that person is able to provide you with social proof of their services or product, you probably click away quickly. This is what you want to avoid as a freelancer crafting a cold pitch email.

Step 5: Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up

As a freelancer, persistence is everything. You may not get a reply your first, second, or even third time sending out a cold pitch email. While you don’t want to unnecessarily badger a potential client (a surefire way to turn them off), you shouldn’t be afraid to follow up.

Get Out There and Cold Pitch!

Now that you know the five steps to create the perfect cold pitch, it’s time to get out there and land your first job. While it may seem scary and a little overwhelming at first, I can’t even explain how rewarding it feels when you land your first job via cold pitching.

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