Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs

Must-Have Tools For Starting, Running, and Growing Your Freelancing Business

A Great Freelance Writer Website

A great freelance writer website is, by far, my most highly recommended tool for a freelance writer. Why? Your website is your greatest and most valuable tool to succeeding as a freelance writer. A freelancing website goes a long way in not only introducing yourself and advertising your services but also in attracting those big jobs and landing them with ease.


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Google Drive

I use Google Drive in the process of creating each and every blog and article that I’m tasked with working on. There are a number of reasons that I love Google Drive but by far one of the biggest is the amount of storage. I have been freelance writing seriously for about ten months now and I have written hundreds upon hundreds of different articles for my clients. Still, I haven’t even made a dent in the amount of free storage space that Google Drive gives you to store your documents.


While Google Drive offers a large amount of storage space for your documents, there is still the matter of downloading those documents onto your computer in order to deliver them in a file format to clients. Over time, this can take a serious hit on the amount of space available on your computer’s hard drive. Once your freelance writing career really starts to take off, you’ll be in need of a little extra storage space, trust me. That’s where Dropbox comes in.

A Planner

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Sometimes being a freelance writer calls for a masquerade as a graphic designer from time to time. Although you may feel as though your words are enough to entice your audience and pictures shouldn’t be necessary, they are. When crafting an article or blog post, images are essential. In an age of instant gratification, your audience expects to gain the information your writing contains as quickly as possible.

A Desire to Succeed

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